Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taste Art London

One of London's best restaurants is a hidden gem in the venerable National Gallery of Art, where you'll get your food and art on. The National Dining Rooms have won awards and serve local, seasonal fare (like lamb fillet & sweet corn salsa, or oak-smoked salmon).

You'll also savor gorgeous artwork in a gorgeous art gallery (free!)
The National Gallery of Art, London
Van Gogh "Sunflowers"
JMW Turner "The Fighting Temeraire"
Botticelli "Mystic Nativity"

(Images, top to bottom, via National Gallery Dining Rooms and Venere; all art images from National Gallery of Art via The Art Wolf, The Mail Online, and Olga's Gallery).


Rowena... said...

I went straight to that link and continued directly to the bakery section...oh my goodness, what yummies they have over there! Honestly, it makes me want to do a total, all out baked goods post but I wouldn't want to be stuck with all that temptation surrounding me.

Jude said...

Hahaha, I was so torn about whether to throw a bakery picture up there! :) I would LOVE to see a total, all-out baked goods post, I bet it would be AMAZING!

Stacey said...

The food looks yummy and well seasoned...sure to appeal to my jamaican tastebuds! I love art so it would be a treat to take in great art for free! Happy Friday to you!

Jude said...

Hi Stacey! Ooh, you should totally do a Jamaican food post :) (I LOVE JA food) Happy Friday, at last!

Bombay Beauty said...

I used to like the bar in the National Portrait Gallery for a post-work drink with a great view... bb

Jude said...

Hi Bombay Beauty - ooo, great tip! Sounds beautiful (and sure to take the edge off dark London winters :)) Thanks!

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