Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decadent munchies

Sometimes, when my schedule gets crazy, I get by with decadent munchies inspired by a M.F.K. Fisher book: Sherry-laced tea...

With caviar (doesn't have to be luxe)...

And then a chocolate cream roll, or the closest baked good I find. I highly recommend it! (The tea is easily laced with vodka too :)

If you are new to M.F.K Fisher's work, How to Cook a Wolf is perhaps her most popular book, but any of her works include a gem or dozen. There's a particularly marvelous chapter, "17 Rue Cardinale," from Two Towns in Provence and a heart-breaking one, "The Standing and the Waiting," from Serve it Forth. Critic Joan Acocella also wrote a wonderful essay on M.F.K. Fisher, "Feasting on Life," included in Acocella's Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints. A very few pages of this essay are online.

(Images, top to bottom, via NIAHD Journals, Travels with Two, Gourmet - article on sustainable caviar included, and Scharffen Berger - chocolate roll recipe included).


Michelle said...

One of my favourite authors. Never overwrought - she says so much with so little.

Jude said...

Hi Michelle - such a perfect way to put it! I love that about her writing too, reading her is almost like therapy.

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