Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bent Spoon ice cream

My significant other is currently off at a conference in bucolic Princeton, New Jersey,* and regaling me with tales of ice cream deliciousness at The Bent Spoon.** So now it's all I can think of!

*I've realized 'bucolic' and 'New Jersey' sound odd together.
**So good I have their frequent eater card. I don't even live there.

I haven't visited since the winter (when ice cream tastes best!), so I'm a tad envious.  The place is known for artisan ice cream and seasonal, organic ingredients from local 'Garden State' farmers.   

Their flavors change constantly, though there are staples - like cardamom ginger and dark chocolate sorbet, which I adore (can it be sorbet if it's so rich and creamy?). 

Yummy offerings have also included blackberry tangerine clove, roasted pumpkin mascarpone, sweet potato, and cranberry cider.

I'm more of a cup person than a cone person, but both are options.

One special offering was the Golden Honey Monkey ice cream and Cuvere de Cardoz beer (by Brooklyn Brewery, highlighting Indian spice blends) with gingersnaps.  Can you imagine awesome beer melded with cream, honey, spices, and gingersnaps? 

Too bad I can't instantaneously transport myself there (or better yet, have their ice cream instantaneously transported to me!)


Rowena... said...

Blackberry tangerine clove??? Roasted pumpkin mascarpone????? Stop it! You're killin' me here! I ♥ unusual flavor combos more than the regular stuff.

Jude said...

I just love that about their flavors!! It's like an adventure in your mouth everytime :-)

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