Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Senator and the Dress

Last night, my significant other enjoyed a "boys night out" at the Cheshire Cheese (a London pub since 1666). After a few pints, one fella, who consults for the French government, told this story:
France has opened lots of hot, new super high-speed trains. (One train makes the 4-hour trip between Paris and Strasbourg in just 2 hours--it already takes 1 hour by plane). One memorable day...

A French super high-speed train in the countryside unsuspecting U.S. Senator found herself walking through the motor car of a moving French super-train. But the super-motors were so huge and created a whirlpool of air so strong...

Marilyn Monroe's famous scene
...that the Senator's dress was ripped right off her body! (Think Marilyn Monroe's famous scene, only worse). The Senator had to huddle naked in the motor car until her rescue. Later, she sued.

(Images via RailEurope, BudgetTravel, and Eternal Masquerade).


Stacey said...

I love that story-hilarious:-). Of course, who doesn't love a pic of Ms. Munroe?

Jude said...

Hi Stacey - the story might've sounded better in an English accent :) I do love that iconic Marilyn image!

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