Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea urchin goodness

Sea urchins are something kids in Hawaii (at least this kid) grow up semi-dreading--step on one and your beach day is over. But as an adult, I've come to appreciate those tasty little buggers. They are pure, briny raw oysters are, but more concentrated.

(Top image of sea urchin in Hawaii waters via HornetBear. Bottom photo of sea urchin and other fishy lovelies, Honolulu, Hawaii).


Rowena... said...

This is a sign! It's a sign I tell you!! I've been hoping to see fresh sea urchins at the fishmonger but no luck yet. Maybe this weekend? You have NO idea how crazy I am for uni. Oh man....

Jude said...

Haha, I've been crazily craving urchins for a while! (Luckily, there's a good Japanese restaurant...which is totally booked by desperados like me). I hope your fishmonger comes through, SOON!!

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