Thursday, July 15, 2010

Objets d'art in London

(1860-1870, porcelein, Kyoto, Japan, via)
The V&A (Victoria & Albert) Museum is a dreamy place to indulge every fetish (I mean, penchant) for design. As a big tea drinker, I love their teapots -- utilitarian objects made beautiful.

(1691-1724, earthenware, Delft, Netherlands, via)
This blue and white Delft teapot could be from a Vermeer painting.

(1930, stoneware, Poole, England, via)
A sweet, sweet 1930 teapot and water jug set.

(1879, silver and ebony, Sheffield, England, via)
Made when women wore bustles & rode carriages. Isn't it modern?

(1700-1720, stoneware, Yixing, China, via)
For something 300 years old, this is pretty funky.

(1876, earthenware, London, England, via)
Points for wacky! Try this one out at a dinner party.

(1984, porcelein, Porsgrund, Norway, via)
Dreamy Norwegian blues, like a starry night. (A friend from Porsgrund, Norway once said porcelein was a local tradition).


Torie Jayne said...

What a collection of tea pots, I love the V&A! Have a sweet day!

Jude said...

Oh, it's such a lovely museum, isn't it? Thanks for the sweet comment!

Michelle said...

Man, the V & A has got to be one of my favourite museums in the world. I love all of their clothing/fashion exhibitions especially...and my sister lives within walking distance. Jealous!

Jude said...

Hi Michelle - I'm jealous too! :) I LOVE the V&A fashion stuff...the items are so amazingly beautiful up-close!

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