Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to Jamaican food

In haiku form

Rice and peas beckon,
Why was Mr. Jerk so darn
elusive? Not fair.

I'll be back, I swear.
Meantime, I dream of yams and
ackee and saltfish

With fried/steamed dumplings
and green bananas. (Drool drool)
Oxtail, callaloo...

You're just too yummy.
Bammy, get in my belly!
Mackerel run down,

You make me weep tears
of foodie joy. Curry goat
is food for the gods.

Brown fish stew, I yearn
for you. Bags of pepper shrimp,
a joyful vision.

Oh, jerk chicken! Oh,
coco bread with beef patty!
I wash it all down

With fresh ginger beer.
A sorrel drink thrown back too.
And then, life is good.

(Image from Lucinda's Authentic Jamaican Kitchen, thanks Shelly!, via Amazon).

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