Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hawaii and England

Because of dating a Brit, I'm seeing more England in Hawaii & vice versa. For one, Englishman Captain Cook was the first European to visit Hawaii...

The Hawaii state flag features the British Union Jack!

Both are isles (one's warmer).

Hawaiian rainforest

English garden

Both are wet, rainy places where stuff grows everywhere.

Hawaii's anthem was once, briefly, "God Save the Queen."

And touchingly, Peter Scott (co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund, son of polar explorer Robert Scott) led efforts in 1950s England to save the Nene - the endemic & official Hawaii state bird - from extinction. Today, Nene still live on UK sanctuaries.

(Photo of Hawaiian rainforest taken at Manoa Falls. Image of Captain Cook painting via J. Russell Jinishian, Hawaii flag via Wikipedia Commons, Hawaii map via Kevin Van Aelst, British map via Hipkiss, English gardens via Flickr, Queen Victoria via Wikipedia & Nene via PhotoForum).

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