Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A beautiful quote from the film, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill:
There’s a story that Suzuki Roshi told. He was the Zen master at the Zen Center here in San Francisco. He went to Yosemite and saw a big waterfall coming over a cliff. It’s one river at the top of the cliff, but as it falls, the river breaks up into all these individual droplets. And then it hits the bottom of the cliff, and it’s one river again. We’re all one river ‘till we hit this cliff. That distance between the top of the cliff and the bottom of the cliff is our life. And all the individual little droplets think they really are individual little droplets until they hit the bottom, and then they’re gone. But that droplet doesn't lose anything. It gains. It gains the rest of the river.
This post is dedicated to my dad, who died six months ago.

(Photo of Magic Island, Hawaii, where dad enjoyed sunset strolls).


Rowena... said...

That was a very beautiful thing to write in dedication to your dad, and I am sorry to hear of your loss. I have not heard of the movie so I hope to find and see it one day. Thank for stopping by and leaving such a welcome comment! I noticed the post on your mom's birthday -- I'm a June baby too...happy belated to you mother!

Jude said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment. It's a lovely little movie, if you get the chance to see. And wow, June baby, happy birthday!! (Or, is it already past?)

Shelly said...

Dear Judy,
Absolutely beautiful place to take walks-I can see why he enjoyed this setting so much. I hope to see it myself one day plus sample all of the local food places you have listed (sounds soo good)! Can't believe its been six months already- I am sure you feel the same. Sending you BIG Hugs. Shelly

Jude said...

Thanks so much, Shelly darling. We must talk soon, too too long! And you know I'd love to have you in HI one day!

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