Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photo du jour: Extinct volcano {+award}

{For the August Break: Photographed on Oahu, Hawaii}
I wasn't going to post this because of the wonky angle, but oh well! Koko Crater has a great hiking trail and features in old Hawaiian myths (though the one I know is a bit too, er, naughty to post :)).

Also, before I completely pass out, I wanted to give a shout-out and BIG thank you to Stacey at Design Addict Mom for being so sweet and passing along a fun blog award to me just moments earlier, just after I put up this photo. (Yes to fun things!)

I've been devouring her gorgeous design blog (please do have a look around, if you haven't yet!) - it's just a lovely moment I like to take for myself amidst unpredictable workdays (which is what an amazing blog does so well!) Thank you, Stacey, for the blog inspiration & beauty -- so grateful you've enjoyed mine! A full response to those fun questions is coming up, promise! (And here's to a full night's sleep all around! :))
~ Meantime, wishing everyone a fun, wonky weekend! ~


Meghan said...

double yes to fun things!

I love the wonky angled picture. I will be adding the Koto Crater trail to my list of things to do next time I am on Oahu. Looks so beautiful!

K and S said...

it's not a wonky angle, love it! and congrats on the award :) have a great weekend!

Signe said...

Again a very nice photo, love the colors in this one!
And I'm now your 7th follower on bloglovin' :)

kirstyb said...

great post x

Bombay Beauty said...

Great pic! Now sure how you managed to get it all so clear -- from a speeding car? Or in danger of being run over by one? bb

Stacey said...

That photo is so gorgeous that it doesn't look real! I'm sipping on my coffee( i need the caffeine). Thanks for the shout out my friend. Kisses.

Nicole said...

Oh, man! Koko Crater looks like a BEAUTIFUL hiking trail! I've never heard of it before, but i'll be sure to keep it in mind for the next time I visit Hawaii.

justinegordon said...

congratulations on your award! this looks a wonderful place. thanks for your tips re Paris, I have bought these wonderful books for Paris - handmade, vintage and markets and I had already bookmarked the paper shops.

Style, She Wrote said...

Awesome shot. Have a great weekend also.


What a gorgeous photo! And congrats on the award :)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Jude said...

Hi Meghan - agree on *double* the fun! Thanks & it'd be great if you could try the trail (it is an old military path!)

Hi Kat - haha, well you know how hard it is to do anything when speeding along Kalanianaole Hwy!! :) Thanks and have a great wkd!

Hi Signe - thanks so much, I love your images a lot! (I don't even know about the bloglovin thing, I'm so tech-UNsavvy! :))

Hi Kirsty - thanks so much! Have a great wkd!

Hi Bombay Beauty - that stretch of road in Hawaii is definitely NOT a good spot to pause for photos! It is a very early AM shot, so not yet traffic rush hour :)

Hi Stacey - hahaaaa! Oh my gosh, I just had to chuckle out loud. (I'm on my 4th cup, but it's not doing very much for me! ;-)) Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me, and also I'm SO SORRY I was sleep-deprived myself and incoherent last night (forgive me!) I promise you a better (PROPER) posting-response soon! Thanks so MUCH, you know how much I enjoy your beautiful blog, so I'm so humbled you thought of mine.

Hi Nicole - thanks so much! The trail is pretty cool (an old military one), and I hope you get a chance to enjoy!

Hi Justine - thanks and I'm sorry I probably had Paris tips on things you already know! :) Love your Aug Break photo today, the old made beautiful :)

Hi Style, She Wrote - :) thanks so much & enjoy your weekend too!

Hi Alternative Wife - thank you and hope your wkd is ab-fab as well! :)

Lee Oliveira said...

WOW.. Love this photos!
A road to heaven..

Charlotta Ward said...

Gorgeous photo!
Congratulations on the award. Stacey is a gem. x

Have a fabulous weekend and hope that ankle heals!

x Charlotta

ViCreative said...

we also have lots of distinct volcanos around... maybe there not distinct just restive ;))

(new post: You're lazy stay in bed & follow me)

Jude said...

Hi Lee - thank you so much! (haha, I like the road to heaven :))

Hi Charlotta - Stacey *is* a gem! I'm happy also her beautiful blog led me to your beautiful blog! Thanks so much for dropping by! Have a lovely wkd!

Hi Vicky - that is so cool! You've great photography & it'd fun to see you photograph them some time :)

shopgirl said...

I agree with everyone Jude! It's awesome the way it is. It looks like you took the photo at an angle on purpose.

I heave a big sigh every time I see you put up a photo of Hawaii. I love Hawaii...I've been there twice in my life and I always wonder what it would be like to live there.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Glorious view...I can feel the fresh air somehow! Congrats on the award as well Jude~

AB HOME Interiors said...

Wonky photo or not, I LOVE it! And congrats on the award!

S and O said...

Congrats on the award :D


fashion nightmare said...

beautiful picture !


Regan said...

Stunning picture!! :) xoxo

Jess said...

I am going to pop over there and have a look now. Hope you are having a nice restful weekend :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great photo- I love the wonky angle.

Beautiful lighting.

I will check out the blog you recommended!

Jude said...

Hi shopgirl - thanks so much, I'm so happy anyone enjoys these photos (I guess it helps me appreciate them too! :) Thanks for visiting!

Hi LenoreNeverMore - thank you! (I wish I could include that sea air with the blog!...perhaps one day :)

Hi Amanda - thank you! And haha, glad you don't mind the wonky!! ;-)

Hi S and O - thanks so much, and thank you for dropping in! :)

Hi FashionNightmare - thanks so much! Thanks for dropping by :)

Hi Regan - thank you! (love the pink shoes :) thanks for dropping by!

Hi Jess - thanks so much, hope your weekend's been lovely and peaceful :)

Hi Ren - thanks so much, and hope its been a good weekend for you :)

Vinda Sonata said...

the picture is really stunning!
it's awesome how you captured the texture of the mountain :)

congrats to the award winner!!

Jude said...

Thanks so much, Vinda Sonata! :)

Torie Jayne said...

Gorgeous photo and congrats on the award, Have a sweet day!

Jude said...

Thanks so much, Torie Jayne! Happy Monday :)

Lucy said...

gorgeous picture. candy for my eyes!

Jude said...

Hi Lucy - thanks so much! (mm candy, great way to put it :))

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