Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting personal :)

Hope your weekend was great! Inspired by recent questions (more below!), I thought I'd pay tribute to my tribe of family & friends by presenting its newest members + reveal some things...
{In Hawaiian, his name means "to voice, to sound out"}
This dude is little cousin Kaleo (I spy a food lover!)...

{My friend Joan, with Anika and sweet-cheeked Sasha, Germany}
A beautiful sight: A happy mother with her children...

{My friend Laura with little sister Lizandra from Brazil}
Sisters together are another beautiful sight...

{My friend Synnove's daughter, so flower-sweet, in Norway}
A child's delight in the world is yet another beautiful sight...

And last but not least, Stacey @ amazing, irresistible Design Addict Mom passed along this fun award Friday (my Stacey shout-out here :)). Thank you Stacey! I'm humbled & love fun things. I'm to reveal 10 things about myself, so here goes nothing....

#1. Why do you blog? I've been a nomad (7 addresses in 48 months... 4 in the US, 3 in London), so it was a way to feel more connected to faraway friends & family...& my inner daydreamer. :)

#2. What are your 3 best memories? All involve good food and good times with friends and family. I also cherish my travel memories (bella Italia, specially :)). And I'll never forget the moment I met the love of my life. It was in a cafe, and even though he was from London and I lived in the US, my said yes!

#3. Name 4 of the best books you've read. Most recently, these 4 moved or devastated me to the point of tears.
“A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.” –Franz Kafka

(Click each image to enlarge - via 1,2,3,4)

#4. What are the 5 best movies ever made? Only feel-good movies today, since it's Monday and we need to feel good. :)

(Click each image to enlarge - via 1,2,3,4,5)

#5. Name 5 things you can't live without. Family & friends. Passion (for learning new things, finding answers). Good food. Moments alone. The unbelievable luck I have in being able to give things away (I've downsized because of my suitcase lifestyle) - I adore beautiful items, but also treasure immaterial experiences...

#6. If you could change your name what would it be? I like that my friends call me Jude (from Judy), often "Hey Jude." :)

#7. Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself. Not sure how interesting, but I did radio broadcasting for 3 years (I'm shy though) and for a time (don't laugh!), skateboarding was a main form of transport in my family. I also have a PhD & used to run half-marathon distances because I'm crazy & a big nerd ;). 

Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC (via)
#9. If you had a 'Freaky Friday' experience, who would you change places with? Does someone dead count? Abraham Lincoln, the moment he learned the Civil War ended. If a live person, my sister, who fights death daily as a surgery resident.

Viva women! Almodóvar's "All About My Mother" cast (via)
#10. What is the best thing about being a woman? I love that women (awesomely) have a lot more genetic material because we're XX, not XY like men. (Pedro Almodóvar also said this once :)). We're made of more, we've unique verbal and bonding abilities that make our friendships so very special. XO


Jess said...

Aww all the babies in your family are so cute!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said... are definitely surrounded by some cuties! Enjoy reading & getting to know you more! Amelie is one of my fave too!


Bombay Beauty said...

A cafe meeting -- how romantic! Was it Union Square? xo bb

Rowena... said...

What an abrupt change of material to greet me on my first day back from holidays (and from living completely blog-free, yahoo!). It is sweet of you to share this personal images (Kaleo is definitely gonna be an eater!), and to read your answers to the 10 questions. I saw your previous post on the homage to know that if you ever come down to Italy we'll have to gorge ourselves silly on formaggi e affettati right?

lisa said...

This is a great post!
Year of Magical is one of my favorites also.

Anonymous said...

Haha what a great photo of Kaleo! Congrats on the award, it was interesting to get to know more about you!

justinegordon said...

wow, what an amazing list and photos of friends, fantastic stuff, what an amazing life you lead!

Stacey said...

I adore this post. I always thought you were an interesting individual and this post definitely confirms that:-). How fun it must have been to be a radio broadcaster and how romantic to have met your love in a cafe! I can so relate to the nomadic lifestyle that you refer to but i love every minute of it. Happy Monday my friend! xo

Fabíola Beltrão said...

own amazing post



Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Great post! Congrats on the award.

Jude said...

Hi Jess - aw thanks, it's nice to have cuddly ones around :)

Hi LenoreNeverMore - thank you & I do love Amelie (feel good of feel goods :))!

Hi Bombay Beauty - so funny! I think the wkd before the fateful meeting, I *was* in Union Sq! But the fateful day itself was in the outskirts, while visiting Princeton :)

Hi Rowena - so great to see you back!! (I'm already drooling thinking of the fabulous food posts in the near future :)) If I land in Italy anytime soon, we are *definitely* having a fromage pigout (is there any other way?) I see you see the same in Kaleo ;)

Thank you, Lisa! Oh, I loved Year of Magical, Didion's writing was so aching-yet-beautiful. Look forward to more of your photo posts this week!

Aw, thanks so much, Cafe Bellini! (I always have a nice drink-related image when I see your name, heehee). Kaleo's mummy would be happy to hear that! :)

Hi Justine - aw, thanks! (But I'm really just a big nerd with too much tumbleweeding in my life :)) Oh, I particularly loved your post & photo today!

Hi Stacey - you started it all, so thank you! I love your beautiful, positive attitude about the tumbleweed life, well about everything really! :) And again, enjoyed learning more about you too on Friday (what you said about your wedding memory made me a bit weepy - in a good way!...that plus your post today! oh!) Wishing you a lovely Monday!!

Hi Fabiola - thanks so much! :)

K and S said...

love love your answers! by the way, love "Amelie" and "UP" too. have a great week!


I love all of these photos! They're all beautiful! And I loved getting to know more about you :)

Happy Monday!

kirstyb said...

love this such a lovely post xxxx

Jude said...

Hi Connie - aw, thanks so much! (oh, your post today had me on the edge of my seat :))

Hi Kat - oh, I love those movies too! (so feel-good :)) Thanks & can't wait to hear more about the HI foodie adventures!

Hi Alternative Wife - thanks so much! - yes, I guess, little sweeties are beautiful always :) Happy Monday to you too!

Hi Kirsty, thank you - hope your rainy weather improves! :)

Becca. said...

love the family photos!

lovely blog :)

AB HOME Interiors said...

Congrats! I love that Hawaiian name! That kids gonna grow and do big things!


Style, She Wrote said...

Kaleo is sooo cute! A budding foodie for sure.

Jude said...

Hi Becca - thanks so much! :)

Hi Amanda - aw, thank you! That's so sweet of you to say! :)

Hi Style, She Wrote - thank you, guys! Haha, I have to agree about the future foodie ;)

Dancing Branflake said...

Cute family and friends photos. Love all your answers! Congrats on a great blog award!

Jude said...

Hi Dancing Branflake - Aw, thanks so much! That's sweet of you! :)

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! So many lovely cute friends in your life. Have a sweet day!

Jude said...

Hi Torie Jayne - oh, thanks so much, have a great day! :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Hey Jude.

I am so happy to learn more about you.

I love your book selections and will be ordering two that I have not read- Since I trust your book taste- already!

I have always loved the song Hey Jude!

I would never want to trade spots with a Surgery Resident. My husband did that and I saw what it did to him.

If I was going to trade spots it would be with myself just for one day- 15 years from now and g-d willing just spend a day travelling with my hubby- no monkeys- relaxing, strolling. BUT only for a day because I am sure my 15 year moment will happen all too soon.

Jude said...

Hi Ren - thank you so much!! I'll warn you that some of the book selections are, well, devastating to read too (but I guess that's a sign of a good book if it can move you inside somehow :)). Haha, I've always loved Hey Jude, but maybe I'm little biased! Gosh, that is so admirable your husband went through his surgery residency, I don't know how they do it - amazing. I LOVE your trading-spots idea, I'm having a visualization already...pure peace and bliss. Have a great day!

If Jane said...

you're so cool!!
i am absolutely inspired!!!

Jude said...

HI If Jane - thanks so much for dropping in (I'm not cool at all, just a big nerd, as mentioned ;)) - been loving your posts myself!

Florent said...

Those kids are cuuuute !

Jude said...

Hi Florent - aw, thanks so much! And thank you for dropping by :)

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