Monday, August 2, 2010

The Beadles

Burlington Arcade then (via)
I just had to share about the Beadles (with a d, not a t) of Burlington Arcade - a posh London shopping passage since 1819. These fellas have been on the patrol for 200 years because, get this, you can't whistle, hurry, or open big umbrellas in the Arcade!

Burlington Arcade now (via)
Hancocks gold, diamond, opal pendant, circa 1905 (via)
The Arcade shops include Hancocks -- royal jewelers forever...

Ladurée at Burlington Arcade (via) and Penhaligon's (via) well as fantasy-inducing dessertier Ladurée and perfumer Penhaligon's (just watch for the Beadles and try not to hurry between shops :).

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