Thursday, September 16, 2010

I love food in movies

{Disney's Lady and the Tramp}
I think this is how it started...

{Babette's Feast, 1987}
I was too young to understand the nuances, but it got me hungry!

 {Like Water for Chocolate, 1992}
{Eat Drink Man Woman, 1994}
{Big Night, 1996 - Isabella Rossellini looking stunning as usual}
The '90s served forth many epicurian treats (food + more :)).

{Chocolat, 2000}
{Ratatouille, 2007}
And I couldn't say no to Juliette Binoche or cute Pixar creatures.

 {Eat Pray Love, 2010}
I admit, I read the book first and the movie (understandably) couldn't capture all those evolving inner thoughts. But it will make your stomach cry: vino, pizza and pasta! (And then you'll want to hop the next plane to Italy :)).

{I'll be traveling all day and so sorry I can't visit your lovely blogs right away! Can't wait to visit and comment when I'm back online!}

(Images via starpulse, Dimsy's Top Period Dramas, Virtual Gourmet, mubi, Apronistas, film-otaku, The Cute Blog, Recipes for Trouble and IMDB.)


justinegordon said...

the film that is supposed to be brilliant and along the line of Babette's feast is "I am love" with Tilda Swinton. Love all your photos for food films.

K and S said...

hope to catch "Eat Pray Love" while it is playing in Japan, I also read the book before the movie, loved it!

Indie.Tea said...

I so wanted Mexican hot chocolate after watching Chocolat, and I dont even like chocolate.

Signe said...

I love food and I love movies, so naturally this is right up my alley :)
Can't wait to watch Eat Pray Love!

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, I just adore everything about this post! Well done, Jude!

Amber Blue Bird said...

The film Chocolat is one of my all time favorites, who can resist Mr. Depp

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Yum, now I'm starving!

annette said...

Food and film go so well together don't they? That scene in Lady and the Tramp is classic. All the chocolate in Chocolat makes my mouth water each time I watch it. I'm surprised you didn't mention Julie and Julia! While I didn't care much for the book that movie was wonderful and full of nothing but food.

Vinda Sonata said...

those pictures make me really hungry,jude. anyway, i love the vintage pictures, and really look forward to seeing 'eat pray love' :)

Ashley said...

You're right food in the movies always works on my tummy.
Ratatouille, it gets me everytume.
I haven't watched or read Eat Pray Love. I'd like to read it first.
Wonderful post.
Happy travels.

daily mix LA said...

such a great post! and so very true!!

Isabel said...

i love chocolat!

kirstyb said...

oh meet too! xxxx

Everton Terrace said...

I have seen them all except Eat,Drink,Man, Woman - must get that one. Babette's Feast started my love affair with dining - adored that movie.
Happy Travels.

Annie said...

Awww the Lady & the Tramp really made me smile :) I love food in movies too! I never though of how I love it until, but I definitely do. haha
Happy Thursday! :)

Collette Osuna said...

Food and can never go wrong there:)
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment:)

Have a Fashionable Day:)
Statements in Fashion Blog

Dancing Branflake said...

Haha! Lady and the Tramp totally started my food obsession! That was my most favorite scene ever. In fact, I can hardly recall any other scenes in the movie except for when the couple owners are eating in the beginning. Oh, and Garfield and his lasagna always made me so happy!


oh I just loved this ! such fun and gorgeous looking everywhere you look !

lisa said...

What a great post Jude!
Love Lady and the Tramp!!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I love food in movies-
Great movies there too!

S and O said...

Girl your making me hungry! Even though a rat is holding it that omelet looks good! I'd eat it :D


Mary R said...

I agree that food in movies takes them to a whole different level...

Since you mention Chocolat, you might be interested in reading a novel by the same author of that book. The book is called 5 Quarters of the Orange, or something like that, and there's all kinds of wonderful food imagery in it. There's no movie version, but lots of great descriptions of blackberry syrup and things like that. There's also quite a good story there.

Fabíola Beltrão said...

yummy... i love all....


Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Love it! EPL and Ratatouille! Good timing...I am sitting here full and happy as an old friend just came over and made the most delicious pizza from scratch. Everything, the sauce, the dough...oh the dough! It totally reminded me of EPL. I'm going to have to go to India after this night ;)

MarchMusings said...

Brilliant post and great theme of food. Who can say 'no' to that?

Jude said...

Justine - I love watching Tilda Swinton in anything! Thank you!
Kat- loved the book too! Hope EPL makes it to Japan soon :)
Indie.Tea - that is so funny, I went through a long (3 yr) phase of not liking chocolate. It was so weird & I've definitely recovered!
Signe - hope you get to see EPL soon! Also, hope your own Italian trip goes well!
Melissa - aw, thanks so much -that's so sweet of you!
Amber Blue Bird - NO ONE! :) Mr. Depp is just irresistable
Krysten - haha, I get so hungry watching these movies :)
Annette - omg, I have no idea what happened, I had J&J there & it mysteriously disappeared. Good catch!
Vinda - thanks so much, hope you get to see EPL soon too!
Ashley - I absolutely loved Ratatouille :) I did enjoy reading EPL (though it's always harder to see a movie after reading a book!)
Daily Mix - thanks so much! :)
Isabel - yes, Chocolat was so delectable! :)
Kirsty b - I hear ya!
Everton Terrace - Babette's Feast was so great, I've rewatched since and it was still fantastic :)
Annie - heehee, anything in movies seems so much better! :
Collette - thanks so much & thanks for visiting! :)
Tiffany - haha, I LOVE the Garfield and lasagna thing! hahaa
Ballet news - thanks so much! :)
Lisa - aw, thank you - loved Lady & the Tramp too :)
Ren - thanks and yay for movies! :)
S and O - hahahaa, that made me laugh so hard! (thankfully the significant other wasn't in the same room to hear me cackle crazily) Yeah, I'd eat that omelet too :)
Mary - ooh, thanks so much! I love new book recommendations, and will have to check it out!
Fabiola - thanks so much! :)
Emily - oh dear, you are making me sooo hungry! (and yes, love Ratatouille and really enjoyed reading EPL!)

Jude said...

MarchMusings - thanks so much! (I can't say no to food, full stop :))

Jeannie said...

I have been trying to get my hands on Chocolat without much success, sigh!

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! I too am hungry now! Have a sweet day!

Rosie said...

That's a great post, Jude! I began melting away when I saw that first picture (Lady and the Tramp) :-)))

Anonymous said...

Ah..Chocolat...what a lovely movie that was and curiously enough I was thinking a couple of days ago that I'd like to see it again.

We were down in the Dordogne and stopped in Beynac when they were filming that. It was very low key and I suspect we could have hung around on the sidelines to watch but assumed it was 'just' a French TV programme. It was only when I saw the film that I recognised scenes.

Bombay Beauty said...

Me too! I think there isn't enough food and cooking in moves! I saw a preview for this last night:

Perhaps it is already playing in the UK? But there were some fantastic food, cooking, and meal scenes in the preview!



Lucy said...

Yum. I am afraid what will happen if I watch Eat Pray Love...

Jude said...

Jeannie - oh, I hope you get your hands on it! It's a rather delicious combo of Binoche, Johnny Depp, and of course, food :)
Torie Jayne - thanks so much! :)
Rosie - aw, thank you!! That's so sweet :)
Angelcel - how funny you wanted to watch Chocolat recently & that is such a great story! I love hearing things like that, makes the movie even more special :)
BB - I want to see it! Thanks so much (Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite actresses to watch :))
Lucy - haha! Get the travel bags ready :)

Stacey said...

Yummy post Jude and Le Chocolat is one of my all time faves-i've seen it a number of times! xx

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Food!!! I love images of food anywhere and everywhere!! The rule is one - it has to look good lol

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at all the food/movie references! I had never heard of some of these before ;)

thingsIlove said...

Movies about food always make me hungry. But I enjoy them a lot. :)

thingsIlove said...

p.s. I'm your new follower. :D

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I might have to watch Lady and the tramp tonight

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